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Pro-Life News: Stupak, Christian Doctors, Law Students, Arizona, Alaska, Tennessee

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 16
, 2010

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Catholic Vote Releases New Television Commercial Supporting Bart Stupak
Washington, DC ( --
The following update comes from Brian Burch, the president of Catholic Vote, which released a new video supporting pro-life Democratic champion Bart Stupak:

These pro-life Democrats need to know that the American people are on their side. Rep. Stupak says that if pro-abortion healthcare passes with the support of pro-life Democrats, “It would be very, very hard for someone who is a right-to-life Democrat to run for office.” We can't let that happen. We can't let this bill crush the budding pro-life movement in the Democratic Party.

And more important than any political party, we must Stand With Stupak and demand that healthcare reform maintain the status quo: No federal funding for abortion.

Call these pro-life Democrats. Tell them Stupak is standing up for the little guy. Tell them to “Stand With Stupak.”

Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic Leaders have gone back on their word. They refuse to remove abortion subsidies from the healthcare bill. Rep. Bart Stupak has steadfastly opposed these attempts to hijack healthcare reform with big bailouts for the abortion industry. Stupak is standing strong on principle and refuses to roll over.

See the new video at

Christian Medical Association Opposes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill
Washington, DC ( --
While the Catholic Health Association endorsed the pro-abortion health care bill, the Christian Medical Association, a protestant and evangelical group, says it opposes the pro-abortion measure.

The 17,000 members of the Christian Medical Association, in a letter to all members of the House, urged votes against the Senate health care bill.

Dr. David Stevens, the head of the pro-life medical group, wrote, "A national survey of faith-based physicians shows that the failure to protect the rights of healthcare professionals to decline to participate not only in abortion but also in other morally controversial procedures and prescriptions, may cause up to 95 percent of faith-based physicians to leave medicine. Since faith-based physicians provide much of the care for poor patients and those in medically underserved areas, their exodus would lead to a national crisis of access to care of catastrophic proportion."

Stevens also wrote, "The CMA strongly supports funding for community health centers, and many of our physicians work full-time, part-time and on a volunteer basis caring for the poor. But we cannot support federal funding for abortions that will result in yet more abortions while violating the clear will of the American people who do not want their tax dollars used to pay for them."

The letter also condemned the bill for not having proper conscience language for medical professionals not wanting to participate in abortions.

National Pro-Life Group for Law Students Meets at Mixer in New York City
by Kellie Fiedorek
New York, NY ( --
Advocates for Life, Americans United for Life’s new, national organization for pro-life law students, hosted a Pro-Life Lawyers and Law Students Mixer in New York City this past week, together with Columbia Law School and Fordham Law School’s pro-life groups.

Kellie Fiedorek, National Coordinator of Advocates for Life, spoke briefly on the vision and purpose of Advocates for Life. “The purpose of these sorts of gatherings is to stimulate discussion and debate on critical legal issues impacting life,” Kellie Fiedorek said. “We hope to cultivate a culture of courage in the pro-life community across the country by providing occasions for fellowship and dialogue.” She thanked both Columbia and Fordham for their work in putting on the event, a perfect example of the types of educational events Advocates for Life is commencing on law school campuses across the country.

Over 40 people attended the event to meet other pro-life law students and attorneys and to hear Professor Teresa Collett from the University of St. Thomas speak on “International Law and Threats to Human Life.” Catherine Foster, a second year law student at Georgetown, related, “It was such an inspiration to be able to listen to a giant in the legal field discuss abortion in international law.”

Professor Collett’s presentation generated dialogue on how to use the law to protect the dignity of life. She discussed how international law is being distorted by treaty language never meant to include a right to abortion.

Arizona Bill Would Restrict Human Cloning and Creating Human-Animal Hybrids
Phoenix, AZ ( --
A bill that would restrict human cloning and creating hybrid human-animal embryos is advancing in Arizona.

The Arizona Senate has approved its version of the bill, with most Republicans supporting it and Democrats opposing it. The House has not yet voted. State law prohibits the use of public money for human cloning as well as research on embryos or fetuses resulting from an abortion.

Arizona would be the second state in the nation to pass the embryo restrictions. Louisiana was first last year.

Nikolas Nikas, president of the Scottsdale-based pro-life-advocacy group Bioethics Defense Fund, testified in legislative hearings that the bill addresses two "violations of human dignity": cloning and the creation of human-animal hybrids.

"This is not science fiction. This is aimed at something going on in the United Kingdom now," he said. "But just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should be done."

Relocation of Knoxville, Tennessee Planned Parenthood Called Racially Motivated
Knoxville, TN ( --
Standing behind a banner that read "Black children are an endangered species," six black pastors joined a handful of white anti-abortion protesters Friday on the sidewalk of Cherry Street in front of the new Planned Parenthood clinic in a prayer vigil.

The clergy members and the Pro-Life Coalition of East Tennessee say the relocation of the clinic from a predominantly white neighborhood in West Knoxville to a predominantly black one on the east side of town is, in part, racially motivated.

"Yes, I think they target black neighborhoods and black women, Hispanics and poor people," said Cecil Clark, pastor of True Vine Baptist Church, a black congregation located across the intersection in front of the clinic.

A Planned Parenthood leader said the East Knoxville community has welcomed the new clinic, which he said has seen a steady stream of clients all week.

Abortion rates for black women are higher than for women of other races, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2006, black women were more than three times as likely to get an abortion as white women, and twice as likely as Latino women to get an abortion.

Alaska Verifies Signatures for Parental Notification on Abortion Ballot Proposal
Juneau, AK ( --
Enough signatures have been gathered to put to voters an initiative that would require parental notice or consent before a minor can have an abortion.

The Division of Elections reports verifying 36,285 signatures, more than the 32,734 that supporters were required to gather to get the measure on the ballot.

Barring an unexpected special election or legislative action that would do what the initiative intends, the state says voters will be asked decide the matter during the August primary.

The exact wording of the measure is still unclear. A decision is pending by a superior court judge following arguments over whether the initiative is clear about penalties doctors would face.

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